Longitude 110

Longitude 110

Two bicycles, a whole continent to discover and two topics to report on : this is what Longitude 110 is all about !

This one-year journey on bicycles will take us from Anchorage (Alaska) to Santiago (Chile). Along the road we will only rely on what we carry on ourselves, that is, the minimal gear to sustain a simple living.

Except for the sheer adventure and enjoyment of wilderness, our trip will be the opportunity for us to lead an investigation on two topics that are important to us : conservation genetics and ethnobotany. Our specific aim is to document those two topics with a wide variety of examples and to gather enough information and photographic material to be able to publish nice articles in popular-science journals. To do so, we have numerous contacts (researchers, individuals, officials, etc.) all along the American continent who are knowledgeable in those fields and who will, in one way or another, contribute to the production of our reports.


Why Longitude 110 ?

Our route will roughly follow the 110th meridian line, taking us from Alaska (130°W) to Chile (90°W), over more than 30’000km.


You can follow us on our facebook page Longitude 110.

If you wish to support our project, please visit our page on Ulule (http://www.ulule.com/longitude110/) !
Our project is also partly funded by the Amis de Terra seca, an association that promotes the study of the plants inhabiting arid regions.


One Response to Longitude 110

  1. j.pasquier says:

    Je découvre, grâce à Philippe Lacomblez, votre formidable aventure.
    J’ai mis un article sur mon blog, avec un lien vers votre site web.
    Vous avez peut-être entendu parler de Rolland Dutour et de son fils, qui ont été jusqu’à St Jacques de Compostelle en vélo.
    Je me fais leur porte-parole, pour vous souhaiter bonne route, et nous (toute l’équipe de randonneurs de Marolles) espérons être à votre retour pour vous fêter dignement.

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